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Now Showing At A Law School Near You: The Discipline Show

“Here’s an equally great idea: bring Michigan disciplinary proceedings into the law schools to show what the consequences can be when disciplinary rules aren’t followed. That’s exactly what happened last week at the Ann Arbor campus of Cooley Law School. “

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Now Showing At A Law School Near You: The Discipline Show.

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Cooley Clinics Make A Real Difference To People in the Community

Joan Vestrand Associate Dean of Ann Arbor Campus

Joan Vestrand, Associate Dean of Ann Arbor Campus

Joan Vestrand, Associate Dean of Ann Arbor Campus

Below is  an email I received from an Ann Arbor student a few days ago.  It is a great reminder of the fantastic work being done every day in Cooley’s clinics and the impact it has on the public.  Our student, who wrote this email told me that he was filled with pride about Cooley upon his encounter with this gentleman.

Here is the story as he has related it:

I was at the Speedy auto repair shop on Carpenter and Washtenaw getting my vehicle repaired when one of the older mechanics, somewhere in his mid to late 60s, came into the customer waiting area. On this particular day, I was wearing a Cooley polo shirt. The mechanic came over to me and asked if I went to Cooley Law School. I responded that I did. He then took my hand and shook it while thanking me profusely. When I asked why, he explained that his wife was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and they wanted to get their Wills and powers of attorneys done before the disease progressed any further. Because they are older and of limited means they could hardly afford legal services until they learned of the 60+ Clinic at Cooley. He said that the students and professors at the clinic treated him and his wife with respect, that everyone acted professionally, and that he was impressed with the thoroughness, politeness, and that they followed up with him after all was said and done. He seemed truly grateful for the services that were provided and said that if he ever came into a significant amount of money that he would be sure to leave some to Cooley.

While he may have thanked me (the wrong person), I think he was trying to thank Cooley and express his gratitude in any form. I can’t help but think that his is pretty cool stuff and that Cooley is making a real impact on the people of Michigan.

Very Respectfully,

Darius Robinson

[Used with Permission]

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Latest Cooley News

Cooley’s First Class Reports to New Tampa Bay Campus

May 7, 2012 – Today, 104 students will begin their journeys to become lawyers at Florida’s newest law school. The inaugural class of Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Tampa Bay campus starts with classes beginning this evening. Cooley Law School officials had projected 60 students would comprise the first Tampa Bay campus class. The Tampa Bay campus is Cooley’s fifth campus and the first outside of Michigan; the school’s other campuses are located in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Auburn Hills and Ann Arbor.

Cooley Attends ‘Night for Notables’ Kick Off Event

May 8, 2012 – Cooley Law School officials joined the 2012 Michigan Notable Books authors on April 28 at the Library of Michigan’s annual Night for Notables kick-off event. Cooley is one of the Michigan Notable Books sponsors, which each year highlights 20 books with a Michigan connection. All the chosen books either have a Michigan theme or are written by a Michigan native or resident.

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